Deadstock: A Second Chance for Rejected Fabric

It’s no secret that the fast fashion business model rewards extremely low costs, large quantities of goods, and flexibility to chase trends. Many brands end up with unwanted excess material in their supply chain as a result of leveraging large bulk fabric orders to achieve lower costs.  Other times this excess comes from developing and testing new fabrics that never make it to market. Whatever the reason, the message is still abundantly clear: fashion has a big problem with waste.
At Palisade, we are interested in breathing new life into this discarded or sold-off fabric called “Deadstock.” The challenge with deadstock is that there is limited information about the content of the fabric or how it ended up in the warehouse to begin with. Additionally, although the fabric would have likely otherwise ended up in a landfill, it is not free. 
For our first collection, we chose black and white deadstock cotton poplin fabric to create our Poplin A-Line Bodice Top and a mint green plaid to create our Straight Leg Plaid Pant. We will continue to utilize deadstock in small quantities as a part of our collections for as long as the industry generates this waste.