womens fashion sustainability


Palisade is a sustainable women's fashion brand that puts people and the environment first. We are based in California and are continually inspired by the natural beauty of our home state, while also feeling the urgency for change in the fashion industry. We believe in transparency and making earth-conscious decisions every step of the way. At Palisade, sustainability is defined by the fabric we use, people we employ, and our slow fashion business model.

Our fabric selections encompass a variety of sustainable textiles. We limit our virgin fabric development to natural raw materials like organic cotton instead of using synthetic fabrics which shed microplastics, significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and do not quickly biodegrade. We also create garments out of deadstock fabric and fabric made from 100% recycled materials, which uses leftovers that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 

We understand that the fashion industry is one of the most labor dependent industries made up of a mostly female workforce. The majority of fast-fashion garment workers are not paid a livable wage, meaning they are caught in systemic poverty and cannot meet their most basic needs. Today Palisade is solely making clothing in Los Angeles so that we can regularly self-audit our amazing local manufacturers and maintain close relationships with all of our business partners. The skilled people making our clothing are paid livable wages.

In opposition to the fast fashion business model, we operate on a slow cycle with infrequent seasonal product releases throughout the year. We proudly use a certified B Corp carbon neutral delivery service to ship our products, which ensures our emissions are offset, and our packaging includes biodegradable shipping labels, eco-friendly tape, and 100% recycled boxes.